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Zsuffa Péter

I started in 1984 and this is why the title of the present exhibition is "35 years-35 pictures, burnt out".
Initially, in the eighties, I "wrote" my pictures with a medical syringe in the Bartók spirit of the traditions of Hungarian folk culture.
In the nineties, I developed my technique called "photo-impressionism" using graffiti technology and a spray gun. These images "burn" the moment I photographed at 900 degrees.
Nowadays I would like to  "continue" the most beautiful era of European culture by creating my own "Gothic", which I paint with handmade laces of my grandparents. (My most beautiful creations are my 4 and a half children ... :-)).
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Thanks: Péter Zsuffa

Budapest Museum Hotel
1088, Trefort Street 2
361/485 1080
The foundation exhibits temporary exhibitions and carries out its educational activities and meetings in the art gallery of the Hotel Museum Budapest