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Vén Mária

Ars poetica


Seeing, realizing that art is in fact a lifestyle, a behavior, a natural attitude; As far as my artistic vision is concerned, I see my most sincere expressions in abstract painting. My pictures do not lend to the perspectives' scientific nature or the predestined decency of perspective. In my view, the tabula rasa is the starting point, in dialogue with the material, the space, the potential and the actual reality. The saints and the profane are both attractive. Technically, almost everything is free to serve the desired result. Consciousness and logic are based only on the interpretation of space, which is abstractly apparent. Through the purely instinctive, painted paintings, I search for and explore the unity of drawing and painting. I am an interior artist with the desire of the "prehistoric man" who loves to see the moment of the act of creating a possible and actual reality in the pictures. I agree with Echart Tolle's thoughts:

"Every true artist, whether he is aware or not, is composed of innocence and inner silence. After that, the mind pours creative inspiration or recognition into form. "

It is not a necessity to turn inward, but freedom, which is the foundation of art. Freedom isn't noisy but silent. The inner silence also allows us to hear, see and feel others.


Vén Mária

Budapest Museum Hotel
1088, Trefort Street 2
361/485 1080
The foundation exhibits temporary exhibitions and carries out its educational activities and meetings in the art gallery of the Hotel Museum Budapest