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Rudolf Grisard

My name is Rudolf Grisard, and I was born on the 4th of May in 1911, in Königsberg, East

Prussia, from the second marriage of Otto Grisard with Anna Grisard.

I was the smallest among 6 brothers. I began to study at the age of five at Hindenburg.

The school principal and the teacher of subjects related to art was my father. I grew up in an

environment that favored my artistic career, as the economic situation of my parents was not

so stable ( they had to financed the studies of my five brothers) as well, I had to look for

another way to perform the necessary for my studies.

I have chosen a path that allowed me to contribute to the costs of the studies.

 In 1912-I began to attend an art school which consisted of two years of practice and three

semesters of theory.

Later I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Königsberg, and in Berlin from professor


In 1935 I married Elizabeth Hoppe, from which I had 5 children.

Although at the time the artists like me had to face many difficulties, I managed to create my

economic independence out of art.

I participated in the Second World War and in 1945 I was captured by British soldiers .

I’ve been released in August of that year, but was not able to find my family.

I continued my career teaching at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin-Wessensee, but during

the occupation of the Soviets I had to abandon this role.

Until 1949 he held courses of "naked" and "portrait" at the popular universities of Berlin.

Meanwhile I have demonstrated my ability surpassing the artistic exam by Professor Toper.

From 1st August 1949 - until 31.dicembre 1953 I worked as a teacher at the institute for

teacher’s training.

I was teaching painting, drawing and sculpture. The dissolution of the seminar has

interrupted my evolution as an art teacher.

At the 1st ottobre from 1935 are married, my wife has disappeared during the occupation of


I managed to find my 5 children in 1947 and 1956 with the help of the RedCross.

All but one have finished their studies. Since the 11th of January 1958 I’ve been married to

Ursula (born Sellin), who teaches at a school of banking & insurance.

Berlin-Lankwitz, 1964.marzo.26. Ellwanger Stasse 12.

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