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Fohl Ferenc

Presentation Fohl Ferenc,

A few words about myself. At first attempt I’ve been admitted to the Budapest Technical University, I became a mechanical engineer. Second degree after the regime change, as chartered accountant, since then I earn my living from it .


During university I got precious instructions from my strict professors for my whole life, worthy successors of Kando and Jendrassik we can become only if we are looking for meaningful answers to meaningful questions forever.

My beloved professor Máriási Iván (Iván Masznyik) at the Department of architectural drawings dealt with me as a private student. After a few months he offered to recommend me to Barcsay professor, having the possibility to continue following his classes. They both offered to teach me all they knew, what is a huge thing , but they also warned me about the danger of being influenced by their ways . I could have lost my innate talent. Thankfully, I think of my noble teacher who taught me how to be a master and a student at a time. Self-taught as Dali.

About four decades painted as obsessed my oeuvre. In 2011, “As a brush in the poetry” I have exhibited in the gallery of Hotel Museum Budapest. Now I'm going to the “Absurd ,satire of the painting, grotesque”. Next year I am going to present an exhibition at the Tihany Abbey “The sensation of passing”.

In 2008 Ruttka Feri (painter), friend of mine and his friends founded the Fohlart Ruttka Museum. Ferenc Ruttka donated two portraits of popes to the Vatican, these donations are certified of thank-you letters. In october 2013 Fohlart merged with the Museum of Artists, founders are Aknay János and Szkok Iván. Unfortunately, the years have passed by chasing the dreams of the Museum of Arts.

A selection of my paintings can be seen at website.

Budapest Museum Hotel
1088, Trefort Street 2
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The foundation exhibits temporary exhibitions and carries out its educational activities and meetings in the art gallery of the Hotel Museum Budapest