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I am a Budapest-based emerging artist, practising architect and designer, graduated from MOME University of Art and Design Hungary, who have a passion for art. In 2009 I set up my own atelier, to focus on my art projects.

In the context of my exhibited artworks,  Art simbolizes the timeless beauty, the energy of the eternal spring (even in winter), love and delight . These paintings depict symbolical landscapes, that I  express intuitively, via symbolical, fundamental and even banal elements (e.g.: fruit, flower, light, colors etc). Often, the elements are inserted into the timeless space with a sensitive  touch of flow, evoking the celebration of the passing moment and beauty in the Japanese art and culture (ukijo-e, hanami, nihonga).

More information:

Budapest Museum Hotel
1088, Trefort Street 2
361/485 1080
The foundation exhibits temporary exhibitions and carries out its educational activities and meetings in the art gallery of the Hotel Museum Budapest