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Arrigo Buttazzoni

The publication of anthological catalogs is an extraordinary way of supporting and disseminating knowledge of art (founding purpose of "Giovanni Santin Onlus").

Contribute to the promotion of the work ofArrigo Buttazzoni, with a neat catalog composed by Alessandra Cuppini, is a source of particular satisfaction.


The careful and elegant work of one of the great masters of the twentieth century, bears witness to the complex vision of the natural and cultural reality in constant motion.

Every time I watch the monumental mosaics of Spilimbergo, commissioned by the City for public spaces, in the enjoyment of citizenship, I think about how visual art is a crucial source of growth for the community.

Budapest Museum Hotel
1088, Trefort Street 2
361/485 1080
The foundation exhibits temporary exhibitions and carries out its educational activities and meetings in the art gallery of the Hotel Museum Budapest