Exhibitions and events

Anna Pagels-Tóth

The exhibition of Anna Pagels-Tóth will be hosted from 2018.07.23 to 2018.08.16 at the gallery of Hotel Museum Budapest.


I deeply believe that humans are creative beings. Everyone has this treasure in themselves, which purpose is to envelop and to bloom. I am sincerely devoted to keep this valuable source in me alive and if it is up to me, because I do believe that true happiness lies within this source, I encourage people I meet to follow this path, realize their dreams and doing what they love.
I stand with my art and my attitude toward life to evacuate things, which makes us unhappy, and consiously give space to the things, which make us happy.

Budapest Museum Hotel
1088, Trefort Street 2
361/485 1080
The foundation exhibits temporary exhibitions and carries out its educational activities and meetings in the art gallery of the Hotel Museum Budapest